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Frequently Asked Questions…

What’s the big deal about subcontractors?
Subcontractor is synonymous with picking up guys off the street as they make their way to your home for foundation repair.  They most likely have never repaired a foundation before in their life.  To us, that’s a very big deal.  Therefore, we will never bring anyone to your home that is not a full-time, trained employee of 1st Choice Foundation Repair.

Do you offer financing?
Absolutely…  We offer extremely competitive financing through a major financial institution for your foundation repair needs.  If credit keeps you from taking advantage of this, we also offer Guaranteed, in-house financing to fit your situation.

How do I know I’m getting a fair and competitive price?
We have a Best Price Guarantee which states that we will beat any comparable written estimate from another foundation repair company.  We require that the other estimate come from another fully-insured company that proposed the same concrete or steel pressed pier with the same number of piers.  We will not be beat by price alone in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen or Dallas..

What’s your Guarantee?
We offer a Lifetime, transferrable warranty on our concrete and steel pressed piers on your foundation repair work.  This warranty is backed up by the “completed operations” provision in our GLC insurance policy.

Why are all my estimates so different?
Let’s see… commissioned sales force?  Some foundation repair companies attempt to keep a bid or scope of repair under a point that they feel you can afford, regardless of what the needed solution is.  Perhaps, they are trying to keep an estimate total below other company’s estimates you have mentioned.  It is very important that you understand the scope of work that a company is suggesting.  Adding a few extra piers can be costly while omitting a few piers can spell disaster!  Check references!  Check references!  Check references!  Our owners estimate our jobs.  That is, the only thing we have to gain on your estimate is good solid business that will generate referrals in the future.  We’re not going anywhere, and we don’t stop working when we’ve made our car payment for the week.  Your foundation problems are what they are.  We do not add or delete piers to get your business.

How long can I wait?  Do I really need to do this now?
Honestly, that is up to you as you already know.  We don’t like to scare people as part of a sales presentation.  That is not how we would want to be treated.  However, the reality is that your home is already very likely 15 years older, if not more.  It quite possibly could already have a plumbing or slab leak that is not detected in your water bill (sanitary leak) that is getting worse by the moment and undermining the integrity of your home.  That’s just a fact of life in Texas.  This will not get better… only worse.  We certainly understand the economic conditions right now, so we try to work with clients as much as possible.  The fact is that we see the most movement in hot and dry conditions which are the most extreme in the summer.  As the foundation moves, so will everything else in your house, i.e. pipes, walls, framing, floors, etc.  When those things move, it is basically a “Russian Roulette” scenario of what breaks first.  That’s just the truth.  Time is always of the essence with foundation repair.


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